“What’s madness, but the nobility of soul at odds with circumstance” T. Roethke. 

spiritualityBy the time people have come to therapy, circumstances may have become such a challenge, that even our spiritual foundation may be shaken.  Whatever vision we might have had of our life (if we even had one at all), may become so blurred, so unrecognizable that we feel lost, "...with no direction home."  Any sudden break or separation from the reality we’ve known can initiate a new search for life’s meaning: a traumatic event, a broken bone, sudden illness, the loss of a loved-one, unemployment, the sudden awareness of our age and mortality, a depressive episode or anxiety attack.  Even a significant 'win' like a promotion or winning a lottery may lead to the deepest of soul-searching.  The most fundamental existential questions begin to sift into consciousness, maybe for the first time ever:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?

And some of us are on a continual spiritual quest and just  feel compelled to know more about the depths of the Self and it’s relationship to Spirit, and it's connection to Soul.  No mater how we are initiated into examining our soul’s Truth, questions of Spirit address a yearning for knowledge of:

  • Our place in the scheme of everything
  • How to make sense of things that make no sense
  • Finding meaning in life’s unfolding
  • Knowing oneself as intimately connected with All Things
  • Whatever it is that is Greater that Ourselves

Without offering definite answers therapy can offer possibility.  I see the 'therapeutic' relationship in this case, as a safe vessel in which to explore deeply the realm of Spirit: it's relationship to your psychology, to your Self; it's realtionship to your Soul.

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Peter Roseman Psy.S.
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